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Britain's Ancient Landscape

One of the most fascinating features of the British countryside is its wealth of ancient and historical monuments. In addition to castles, relics from virtually every period of human existence survive in the landscape. Many are accessible to the public, and well worth side trips to explore.

Scorhill Stone Circle

Scorhill Stone Circle

Scorhill Circle Standing Stone

Scorhill Circle Standing Stone
Scorhill Stone Circle, Dartmoor, Devon

Ancient humans wandered the forbidding hills of Dartmoor long before the Normans came to England. The mysterious moors contain a wealth of prehistoric sites, including Bronze Age cairns, stone rows, burial chambers, and stone circles, such as the great circle at Scorhill.

Surrounded by craggy tors and wide expanses of moorland, which can rapidly become fog-bound on the best of summer days, this ancient stone monument originally consisted of 36 jagged stones. Of these, 23 stones have stood the test of time. They evoke both awe and a sense of intrigue.

Today, Scorhill Stone Circle is freely accessible at any reasonable time. Be sure to take a detailed Ordnance Survey map to guide you directly to the site.

Location: Near Gidleigh, about five miles west of Chagford, which can be rached via a series of minor lanes west of the A382.

Castles nearby: Gidleigh Castle, Okehampton Castle, Launceston Castle, Lydford Castle, and Exeter Castle.

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