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Lise Hull, MPA, MA

Author, Researcher, Specialist in British Heritage
Co-Founder, Castles Unlimited

When I first went to Wales in 1985, I had no idea that castles would become my consuming passion. Yet, for the past 20 years, I have progressed from a casual tourist to a castellologist and published author specializing in castle studies and British heritage. Having already had a background in archaeology and historic preservation, I was primed to begin the journey, which has taken me to well over 300 castles in Britain, Ireland and Germany. I also founded Castles Unlimited to share my interest and advocate the ongoing preservation of Britain's medieval castles.
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Lise Hull guides the reader around 50 of Britain and Ireland's greatest castles, examining lineage, architecture, furnishings, artefacts and gardens. The text is peppered with fascinating snippets of historical information. Included are staples such as Caerphilly, Warwick and Berkeley, as well as the more surprising Dolwyddelan, Dunnottar and Corfe castles. . . . more

NEW FOR 2006

The widespread construction of castles in Britain began as soon as Duke William of Normandy set foot on the shores of southern England in 1066. The castles that were constructed in the ensuing centuries, and whose ruins still scatter the British countryside today, provide us with an enduring record of the needs and ambitions of the times. But the essence of the medieval castle-a structure that is equal parts military, residential, and symbolic--reveals itself not only through the grandeur of such architectural masterpieces as the Tower of London, and the imposing nature of such royal residences as Windsor, but also in the aging masonry carvings, enduring battlements, and more modest earthen ramparts that have survived alongside them. . . . more

This guide covers all the castles, from mighty Pembroke and enriched Carew to the lowliest motte or ringwork, together with bishops palaces. A series of chapters detail the county’s military history from 905 to the Civil War, after which each site is given its own entry detailing its construction and history, together with a note about specific location and access arrangements.
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